Welcome to Heart2Heart Farms

Heart2Heart Farms did not begin as a business idea; it began as a crusade.  Like so many parents today, My wife and I were concerned about the hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals in the foods our daughters were eating.  It only took a little research to realize we wanted to make some major changes.  Our family noticed, almost immediately, an increase in our energy, vitality, and overall health as we eliminated the chemicals and processed foods from our diets.  It wasn't long before the extended family wanted to buy from the farm, but it didn't stop there.  We began receiving calls from friends, then friends of friends, all of whom wanted to make the shift to buying local, chemical free, nutrient dense meats and produce.  So we will continue our mission, for as long as we are able...providing access for everyone in the community, regardless of income level, to a better way to live and eat.

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